Change of Company Name Hong Kong

Change of Company Name in Hong Kong

Change of Company Name Hong Kong

To incorporate a business in Hong Kong, your company must have a company name. As the company evolves, the former name may no longer be appropriate or relevant. This can then warrant the need for a change of company name Hong Kong.

If you are in such a situation and want to know how to proceed, you are on the right track. This guide will walk you through the process of undergoing a change of name Hong Kong for your company, which falls under the responsibilities of a Hong Kong company secretary.

Having started doing business, you are not necessarily stuck with your company name forever. A clause in the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance permits a firm to alter its name even after incorporation.

However, you must adhere to specific guidelines when selecting a new name for your business. For instance, two companies should neither share the same name nor have words that are too similar. For a thorough understanding of the procedure, keep reading this article.

Change of Company Name Hong Kong: General Hong Kong Company Name Requirements

To ensure that your company is adhering to the standards established by the Companies Registry, the following must be applied when considering a change of company name Hong Kong:


For the language requirement, you can pick a name in Chinese or English and not combine the two. Therefore, the term “Limited” must be added at the end if you use an English business name.

Conversely, the letters “有限公司” should be added at the end if you decide to have your company’s name in Chinese.


Uniqueness is another guideline that should be observed while choosing or undergoing a change of company name Hong Kong. The name should not be identical to that of another incorporated company.

A name that has already been registered in the database or is currently being registered cannot be chosen.


Your company’s name cannot suggest that it is associated with the Hong Kong government or any other government agency.

The company’s name is only confirmed if it receives government permission without opposition or when the company is officially formed with the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation.

Additionally, business owners are prohibited from derogatory or hostile names to the general population.

Change of Company Name Hong Kong: Tips for Choosing a Company Name

Keep these helpful tips in mind when choosing a company name or undergoing a change of company name Hong Kong:

    1. Be cautious enough to make sure that the name you choose adheres to the proper requirements.
    2. Additionally, adding a definite article to a current company’s initial name will not be considered. 
    3. Choose a name that will convey your business objectives.
    4. Make sure you adhere to the proper requirements.
    5. Use the cyber search centre or the company’s mobile service to perform a company name search.
    6. Avoid unusual spellings and be watchful of translations.
    7. Keep it as short as possible.

Change of Company Name Hong Kong: Steps to Changing Your Hong Kong Business Name

1. Choosing a new business name

First, you will pick a business name, considering all the requirements. A company name that matches one listed in the Registrar of Companies (“the Registrar’s”) index of company names will be disregarded.

2. Adopt a Member Special Resolution

The shareholders must approve a Special Resolution (or “SR”) to modify the business name. However, a documented report from the Special Resolution meeting may not be necessary.

3. Submission of document

Fill and obtain a Form NNC2 “Notice of Change of Company Name.” Submit the appropriate fees to the Companies Registry within 15 days after a Special Resolution has been passed. Your request will then be left pending until it is accepted

4. Obtain the Certificate

Depending on how the Form NNC2 is delivered, the Certificate will either be granted electronically or in hard copy form. The legal implications of digital or printed certificates are the same.

5. Update your business name

After receiving your change of company name Hong Kong certification, you need to update the information in all places where the name is used.

Examples of places where to update your information are a bank account, merchant accounts, business address, business card and stationeries, website, and other areas where necessary.

Change of Company Name Hong Kong: How to Tell the Uniqueness of a Business Name

Using a company name search, you can tell if a business name is the same as that of another. This can be done physically at the Companies Registry’s public search center in Hong Kong or through the Company Cyber Search Centre online.

You will need to enter the entire and precise business name you wish to check on the website using the “Exact Name Search” method. Make sure to include all spaces and characters, among others. 

Change of Company Name Hong Kong: How Our Corporate Firm Can Help You

At SJH Global, our experienced company secretaries can assist business owners in renaming their company and ensuring the new name complies with all legal requirements.

Additionally, we can help you with any other changes to your company, such as changing your registered office address, director, or secretary. Do not worry if you are rushing to complete these tasks.

We have qualified professionals who can assist you while you concentrate on expanding your company. Kindly get in touch with us right away if you’d want further details regarding your company’s name change.


Change of Company Name Hong Kong - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. One of the ways to undergo a change of company name Hong Kong is to swap your business name with another company’s name. To do so, you will need to submit the following document to the Companies Registry for review:

    • A letter outlining the specific justifications for the name swap
    • Two “Notices of Change of Company Name” (Form NNC2), one from each firm changing names, each with a charge of HK$295
    • Letters from the two corporations permitted the names to be used again
    • A Certificate of Change of Name will then be given to the two firms switching names on the same day if the name swap is approved

The firm and/or its officials risk penalties if they fail to follow the Registrar of Companies’ directive on a change of company name Hong Kong.

The maximum punishment for non-compliance is HK$100,000, and there is an additional daily default charge of HK$ 2,000 for continued non-compliance.

No. Even though “Ltd” is sometimes mistaken for “Limited,” according to Section 102 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, the final word in the English company name of a limited company must be “Limited.”

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