Outsourced Accounting Services in Singapore

Outsourced Accounting Services in Singapore

Outsourced Accounting Services in Singapore

In the corporate world, the term “Outsourced Accounting” is frequently used; however, some might be confused about what it means and why it is so important.

First, we will take a look at what outsourcing is, then look at outsourced accounting services in Singapore, and how it can help a business organization. 

Outsourcing is a transaction between a company and an agency in which the agency agrees to perform certain services on the company’s behalf that is usually done internally.

This might include sending employees and assets to one firm or the other. 

Outsourced accounting is a process of giving accounting, financial compliance, and other related tasks to experts in another company or firm.

To do this, the company in question contacts an outsourcing firm who offer a variety of outsourced accounting services in Singapore, such as providing your business with professionals and experts in the field to complete accounting and financial reports of the said company.

What Are Outsourced Accounting Services in Singapore

Accounting has gradually become one of the most vital aspects contributing to the success and existence of corporate organizations in Singapore.

For any company to survive in the market, it is paramount that its accounts and records are up to date and accurate as required by the law.

The Singapore Income Tax Act, among others, require extensive accountability, and companies must ensure that their accounts and records are clean and legal. 

SJH Advisory has been one of the top accounting firms in Singapore for a long time running while providing our clients with top-notch outsourced accounting services in Singapore. We ensure that your records are up to date, organized, and legally justified.

We have a professional team and use the most efficient tools to ensure that our clients’ accounting reports and transactional statements follow the necessary and standard guidelines in accordance with Singapore’s financial laws.

Whether it is on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis, our team of experts is here to properly present and document your company’s financial affairs for the purpose of reports, future projections, audits, and so on.

By using outsourced accounting services in Singapore, your company would be able to devote more energy on other important tasks to boost your earnings and profits. 

Reasons for The Importance Of Company Accounting Services in Singapore

There is a demand for outsourced accounting services in Singapore because of the importance of company accounting responsibilities. There are many reasons as to why company accounting services in Singapore are so important.

    • For a company to be able to maintain its image and reputation, the need for proper accounts cannot be overemphasized as it is one of the requirements needed for the company to exist legally. 
    • With company accounting services, the organization is in a better position to understand its current financial state and would be able to plan for the future accordingly. 
    • It makes auditing easier and more accurate. 
    • Fraud and other financial irregularities would be easier to find and correct. 
    • Reporting to Government regulatory agencies would not be difficult. 
    • Future financial budgeting for an organization would be easier to set up. 
    • Tax reports and filing would be accurate and up-to-date
Considering the importance of company accounting services, many business owners would prefer to leave their accounting needs to the professionals, turning to various outsourced accounting services in Singapore.

Types Of Outsourced Accounting Services in Singapore

As the business market gets more competitive, companies are beginning to realize that time is everything.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, a business organization needs all the time it can get to properly strategize ways to better satisfy its customers and maximize its profits.

As a result, companies are starting to outsource vague tasks such as financial reports and tax filing.

A good way of doing this is by hiring SJH Advisory. Let our experts and professionals take care of your accounts while you focus on other tasks. 

We offer a host of outsourced accounting services in Singapore, such as:

    • Accounts records, accounts payable, accounts receivables, balance sheets
    • Financial transaction recording, financial planning, audits, data collection, and analysis
    • Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly financial reporting
    • Tax compilation, payment, and report, adhering to tax regulations
    • Order management, customer charges, and payments, multi-currency management
    • Accounting software setup, subscription/maintenance renewal management, and E-payment management
    • Invoice, employee payroll management
    • Debt report and management
    • Budgeting, financial forecast, cost accounting, setting up vendor inquiries, management of equity
    • XBRL conversion, documentation, and filing
    • Fraud, financial and forensic accounting

Advantages of Using Outsourced Accounting Services in Singapore

For most companies, the issue with accounts, the tedious work it entails, and the strict regulations surrounding it usually contribute to a major headache.

This is especially so for companies in which accounting is not one of their core activities, and there is a lack of trained employees to handle it.

However, by turning to outsourced accounting services in Singapore, such as letting a top-notch accounting firm like SJH Advisory handle your accounting issues, you can enjoy certain benefits and advantages such as: 

Lower Cost

For a company, outsourcing their accounting task to another firm would be cost-effective.

This is due to the fact that setting up a proper and professional accounting department to suit their needs would incur additional expenses, such as salaries and related costs. 

Time and Resource Saving

When an organization has outsourced its accounting tasks, it will save valuable time, which can be re-directed towards other important and profitable projects.

Not only that, more resources would be available for the company to allocate to other tasks.

Reduces Chances of Fraud

By giving your accounting tasks to a third-party firm, the cases of in-house fraud would be significantly reduced since the outsourced firm typically has a reputation and image to uphold.

Assurance of ACRA, IRAS and ISCA Compliance

Some companies might not thoroughly understand the importance of ensuring compliance with ACRA, IRAS and ISCA regulations so the company can still run into trouble with the regulatory agencies, even with a stable accounting department,

By hiring experts in the field like SJH Advisory to compile and document your financial reports and taxes, the chances of any mishaps are greatly reduced. 

Why Contract SJH Advisory For Your Accounting Needs?

SJH Advisory is one of the top accounting firms in Singapore, and we guarantee that your accounting issues will be solved swiftly and efficiently, at a budget-friendly cost.

Some added benefits of choosing us for our outsourced accounting services in Singapore include: 


We pride ourselves on providing first-class accounting services and detailed reports in a very short time, so relax and contact us, and we will maintain accurate bookkeeping and accounting records in no time. 


With our detailed code of conduct and reputation to uphold, you can rest easy that your company’s funds and accounts are in safe hands. SJH advisory has also been certified by the proper regulatory agencies.


Our team comprises professional CPAs with ample experience, ready to help your company at any time.

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